‘the tunnel’: a bamboo barreling wave

‘the tunnel’: a bamboo barreling wave

made completely from bamboo and cloth, ‘the tunnel’ is composed of a number of squares
that come together to form a spiraling structure depicting a barreling wave 20ft in depth. the intervention represents how the water-sporting scene in india is emerging by bringing together surfers from various parts of the country


Rubber Barber

Rubber Barber

An eraser with a face, as one begins to use the eraser they will begin to style the little heads hair. A fun eraser with an endless series of hairstyles.

Musical Swings

A public installation in Montreal Canada, the piece is comprised of 21 swings each of which triggers a selection of different musical notes. However when utilized together sounds emerge to due the users cooperation with one another. It is an interesting piece of work that resembles sound-art however this is less natural and nature based. For this to function and operate people art needed contrary to sound-art works.

Yike Bike

Smallest e-bike. Not shaped like a traditional bike, more miniature and compact. Going with the standard tradition now a days to make products miniature and more portable and the same if for transportation.

Selgas Cano Architecture Office

Selgas Cano Architecture Office

environment and surroundings can make a work and increase its overall potential. Selgas Cano Architecture Office is a great example of this. The material utilized and the positioning and location of the building is what makes it The glass allows the viewer and inhabitants of the buildings to visually interact with nature, in a way it creates a time piece. Human interaction with nature and time. Unique because it puts a multitude of pieces together to truly create a nice work of art.