Rafmognud Nattura / Marcos Zotes

Rafmognud Nattura / Marcos Zotes

“New York-based architect and artist Marcos Zotes, together with his multidisciplinary team of collaborators, transformed the largest church in Iceland,  Hallgrímskirkja Church, into a spectacular and interactive light installation .”


Inflatable snowboard

As previously stated not really innovative as these boards will never be legal for official competition but the design of the board and its capabilities are what make it interesting. To be able to inflate the bottom of the board is something that will completely change the way in which the rider rides. Also it would be interesting to see how the board would be effected by the surroundings and terrain.

Italian glass snowboard

While not innovative this board is definitely creative. For a board the material defines it as it is the material that will allow the rider to do certain tricks, and ride certain ways. The shift to glass changes all of that, it is interesting to see how the rider interacts with the board and the board with the enviroment.